Humphree proudly presents the new HCS-5

The HCS-5 combines exceptional mechanical quality with electronic control including motion sensors and world class brushless servo motors to provide instant and exact response to the hull dynamics!

Adding the fine-tuned boat control options Automatic Trim Control, Automatic List Control, Coordinated Turn Control or Active Ride Control will result in optimum comfort and performance regardless if the captain is a seasoned expert or a less experienced operator.

control panel
control panel
control panel

New Control Panel

A new control panel featuring a high resolution color screen provides excellent readability even in bright sunlight. Other features include illuminated touch buttons, an intuitive user interface, night mode and actual trim and list data presented in real time.

system components
system components
system components

New improved system components

The complete systems and its components have been redesigned to meet the even toughest commercial and military applications!
The new control unit, mounted at the transom, with state-of-the-art motion sensors provides the system precise reading of the vessels movements.
The Interceptor and its new servo motor incorporate revolutionary brushless technology and world class response time. Full stroke is achieved in less than one second and the brushless technology increases the operating lifecycle.

Humphree Boat Control Systems

The true potential and sensation of the Humphree system is provided through a number of automatic control options. Basic - offers the operator an effective way to optimise the boat speed and ride comfort by manual control of the running trim and list.

Automatic Trim Control – The Automatic Trim Control provides optimal fuel economy, greater speed, better comfort and improved visibility from the helm.

Automatic List Control - The Automatic List Control will in second’s correct for uneven list, caused by uneven loading or cross-winds. For a more comfortable ride.

Coordinated Turn Control - The Coordinated Turn Control automatically adjusts the heeling angle of the boat during turns. With a more ideal heeling angle, higher turning speeds and better fuel economy can be achieved as well as improved on board comfort.

Active Ride Control - While operating in open seas boats are constantly exposed to waves that will cause roll and pitch motions resulting in reduced comfort on board. With Humphree Active Ride Control system the Interceptors are instantly actuated to provide a force to counter react these motions and at the same time optimise the running trim and list angle - all in one system.

Interceptor Steering Assistance - Water jet powered boats experience significant power losses when deflecting the complete thrust force to steer, but with Humphree Interceptor Steering Assistance this can be avoided. The system enables vessel steering with interceptors while water jets are fixed in neutral positions. The deployed interceptor blade creates a pressure increase on the aft side of the boat, causing the boat to turn without the thrust lost from the water jet.